I am so impressed and grateful to The Norris Law Firm for the service I received. I had been putting off getting a will and power of attorney done and time became of the essence. Atty. Norris understood and worked rapidly to get the necessary documents thoroughly executed. The peace of mind The Norris Law Firm gave me is priceless. The are now my estate and intellectual property law firm for life.

Marion B.

We went to the Norris Law Firm for our company's LLC and the experience was amazing! Their initial response was prompt and the communication remained consistent until the service was completed.

Mavens A.

We were very satisfied with the excellent quality and professionalism of Attorney Norris and her staff handing our legal needs. I shared with Attorney Norris what we wanted during our consultation and her legal advice was very helpful. The office was very clean. She completed our legal work in a timely manner, kept us informed and did everything we proposed in the consultation.We want her to be our lawyer for life.
May God continue to Bless and Keep you safe in your Professional Endeavors.

Doris H.

Attorney Ebonee Norris is one of the very best criminal law attorneys in Shreveport. She is client driven, highly intelligent and kind. If your legal issue is criminal, domestic, civil, business or the need for a succession you should call The Norris Law Group.

Tera B.

I would definitely recommend Mrs. Norris to any person or business for any legal matter! She was very helpful and attentive to the needs of my corporation and everything was handled very professionally.

Jasmine S.

Ms. Norris was a pleasure to deal with. We had lots of questions which she took the time to make sure we understood before signing the paperwork we needed. She's very professional and her appointment scheduling system makes it very easy to get what you need done in a timely manner. I would definitely use her again!

Carol H.

Very professional. If you're in the Shreveport /Bossier City area I'd recommend The Norris Law Group anytime.

T. Brewt

The Norris Law Group was very knowledgeable and helpful with every question I had. I received feedback within a couple of minutes as well. thanks again!!

Kierre H.

I would recommend Norris Law to anyone in need of an attorney. Friendly and professional service. They helped me with solutions that best suited my situation.

Ernst K.

This Law Firm has tremendously helped me with the proper steps of taking legal action against the other party. Ebonee Norris who is very knowledgeable, was extremely helpful and may I add very professional. Thank You for being who you are.

Slayducation Network

Attorney Ebonee Norris was warm, friendly, attentive to details and patient with our questions. The appointment was easy to schedule, started on time and was moved along efficiently without feeling rushed. I highly recommend her for anyone in need of estate planning, wills, trusts, etc.

Tarsha G.

I am very pleased with the recent services received from the Norris Law Group. Mrs. Ebonee Norris was very professional from start to finish. She responded promptly to all of my questions and concerns. Also, when I did not understand certain processes she was very patient with her explanations. Never did she make me feel rushed. This can be a very lengthy process and you want someone that is going to take their time and is that is very thorough. She kept me updated and forwarded information, so that I could see that see was diligently working to help me. She is a true caring professional!

L. Johnson

Mrs. Norris went above and beyond expectations in my case. She wrote multiple letters on my behalf, even though our agreement was for only one letter. She followed up promptly and was professional, intelligent, and courteous. She never billed any extra for her additional services. I would highly recommend her firm for any of your legal needs.

Steph B.

Mrs. Norris was very dedicated to my mother's case. Appeared in court on her behalf and treated us like family instead of just another client. I highly recommend Mrs. Norris.

Titiana C.

she is great and very helpful and she takes your case extremely personal i wouldn't recommend anyone else she doesn't cut no mustard.

Shun W.

Highly recommended... Mrs. Norris Is The Best Attorney In Shreveport..

Devona M.

Highly recommended !! Mrs. Norris is one of Shreveport's top litigators and never fails to give back to the community at large! This is a law firm that you can trust to deliver results for you!

Daryl W.

Ms. Norris is very professional and knows her way around the legal system. My issue was delicate and needed someone who could break things down in a way that the DA wanted to drop the charges. I would definitely recommend her to anyone else and she is always going to be my attorney for any matters going forward.

Derrick M.

Great job to the fullest! Best there is hands down!!

Aldrick C.

Excellent attorney!

Jamaine C.

The Norris Law Group is an excellent firm they helped me in a time of need when and with that beeing said i would choose them anytime and once again thank you Norris Law Group looking forward to doing more business with you.

Timothy P.

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