What is the law?

What is the law?

Louisiana's Criminal Code speaks to public intoxication under the "Disturbing the Peace" statute, codified in La. R.S. 14:103.[1]
Disturbing the peace includes the offender committing acts in such a manner that would foreseeably disturb or alarm the public. "Public intoxication" is included as one of the enumerated "acts" listed within disturbing the peace.
A conviction of disturbing the peace can result in a fine of no more than $100.00, imprisonment for no more than 90 days, or both.

Public Intoxication in Shreveport, Louisiana

Shreveport's Code of Ordinance codifies public intoxication as public drunkenness. The ordinance makes it unlawful for any person to be intoxicated on the streets of the city, in any public place within the limits of the city, or at any public dance or public gathering in the city.
Whoever commits the crime of public drunkenness shall be fined no more than $200, imprisoned for no more than 7 days, or both.

Public Intoxication in Bossier City, Louisiana

Bossier City's Code of Ordinance does not include a provision that strictly involves public intoxication. Bossier City's law mirrors the language of the Louisiana Criminal Code. The criminal offense of public intoxication is included in its' Disturbing the Peace statute. The penalties for a violation are equivalent to those aforementioned.[3]

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